Monday, May 27, 2013

Gear Review: Eco Lunchboxes

The Ecolunchbox 3-in-1 was on my covet list ever since I tried their lunchpod snack cups, but I was put off by their high shipping. So, imagine my delight when I saw this baby retail! I was anxious to try it out; I am still looking for the perfect container to woo me away from plastic, and I have not found any to rival my Easy Lunchbox for versatility in use and ease in clean-up.

And...I still am looking. I really hoped this would work for me, but alas, it is just a hare too small. The lunchbox has an ingenious design, with two layers---a bottom layer for sandwiches and main items, and a top layer for sides which is slightly deeper and can fit the lunchpods side dish container for sub-dividing. Great idea in theory. In practice...

Firstly, as you can see, the sandwich didn't quite fit in the bottom compartment. I had to put it in a wrap mat, which is fine but doesn't exactly get me away from plastic! So then I thought I would use the bottom compartment for my afternoon snack. I cut up half an apple, which was fine, and then put my lunchbots dip container in. The dipper, with lid, seemed to fit fine but turned out to be slightly too high when I tried to close up the lunchbox. I was able to use it if I left the lid off, which is fine because I pack my lunches in a bag where they stay upright.

The top container was great for snacks and sides. The side pod fit with the lid or without, and the container was nicely compact and sturdy. I have read in a few reviews that many people use the top container separately as its own item, and that is probably how I will use it. The pod fits perfectly and this might become my go-to snack container for my afternoon snack, where I like to pack two things, a fruit and a crunchy item.

So...I did get a new snack container out of it. But I didn't get the complete stainless steel lunch system I was hoping for. I'll have more to wash tonight than I would with my two-piece Easy Lunchbox, and I wish that sandwich had fit in the box as advertised.

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