Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Experiment: Stainless Steel Palooza!

I sometimes like to pack wetter things in my lunchbox---oatmeal, fruit salad, soup etc. I have been trying to both go plastic-free and to minimize the quantity of containers I carry on a day to day basis, so I had a look today at everything I have so far to see what my options were. I started with:

From left to right, here is my Planetbox Rover, my Lunchbots Uno and my Planetbox Shuttle. In front, I have the Planetbox Big Dipper, the Ecolunchbox Pod and small dip containers from Lunchbots and Planetbox.

Experiment 1: Ecolunchbox Pod

It fit, with lid on, in the Lunchbot and Shuttle. It rattled around a little when I shook the closed containers, but if you had other food in there, it wouldn't shift. It did fit in the Rover's big spot as well, but with the lid on, it was slightly too high. You could use it as a divider with the lid off though.

What would these configurations lend themselves to? My first thought was yogurt. There is plenty of room in the Lunchbot for fruit to go with it. In the Shuttle, you could put fruit in the side compartment and toss some granola in beside the yogurt pod.

Experiment 2: Planetbox Big Dipper

It fit in all of them! A little snugly in both of the Planetboxes, and with room to spare in the Lunchbot:

Although the Lunchbot does have that extra room, the side compartments on the Planetboxes give you more options. I'd happily use this in the shuttle for something like taco dip or sloppy joe filling. You could use the side compartment for chips or crackers to dip, or put fruit in it and pack the crackers in a snack bag (I did experiment with putting them on top, since there appeared to be room up there, but it was awkward and didn't quite work out).

Experiment 3: The Dippers

This one was easy: other than the taller one, which only fit in the shuttle, they all fit in all the boxes.

So where does this leave me? Well, since I am not doing sandwiches anymore, it opens me up for taco dip, hummus and other dip plus rice cracker combos. And it strengthens the Shuttle's place as my new favorite lunchbox! I can fit a whole meal in there and pop it into the sleek little case or if I need snacks, use it in one of my other carry bags.

For sheer versatility, the Lunchbots offer more options for certain things. I think that between them and the Shuttle, I truly can ditch the plastic.

So, when will Planetbox come out with a glass insert that fits in the Shuttle for microwaving?

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