Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Extra: Pantry Tour

I always love seeing bloggers post these! I am proud of my pantry/dining room because I was inspired by a photo on a decorating blog, and I actually managed to copy it pretty well! The only difference was the original pic was not in the kitchen, and it had a desk in between the bookcases, instead of a freezer,

Anyway, here it is:

I like the symmetry of the whole arrangement a lot: the books across both sides, then the rows of mason jars, then the big containers, then the odds and ends. Here are some close-ups. First, the mason jars with seeds, raisins and other small bulk goods:

Here are some larger bulk goods, and then my lunch containers: Easy Lunchboxes for the boy, my Lunchbots, glass ones and thermoses underneath for hot things, Planetbox Rover on its side and Shuttle underneath, and the shelf organizer with snack and dip containers.

That's actually all of my lunch stuff, believe it or not! I have two laptop Lunchboxes in storage elsewhere because I don't really use them but am saving them for a rainy day, and a drawer in the kitchen with sandwich cutters and a few odds and ends. But that's it! 

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